Rod Hardy is a widely accomplished and talented director who has forged his keen instincts and his trademark visual sense of story through extensive experience. His collaborative efforts are but a gleaning of his problem-solving techniques. He has a great ability to bring the best out in people whether it is an actor’s performance or a DP’s best shot.

Having honed his directing and producing skills in Australia, Hardy moved to Los Angeles in 1992 to launch his American career. His first assignment was to direct Lies and Lullabies the traumatic life story of pregnant cocaine addicts, starring Susan Dey and Piper Laurie. The movie was awarded the Scott Newman Award (founded by Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward in memory of their son) that is presented annually to the production that best illustrates the degradation of and triumph over drug addiction.

Since his award winning U.S. directorial debut, he has garnered both Golden Globe and Emmy nominations for movies of the week and mini-series. M.O.W.’s range fromGrounds for Murder for CBS, starring John Ritter and Henry Winkler in memorable dramatic roles, to the re-creation of the classic Marjorie Rawlins’ novel, The Yearling, for CBS that featured notable performances by Jean Smart and Peter Strauss. Hardy’s directorial range runs the gamut of contemporary drama and science fiction to portraits of important historic moments, to the re-telling of such adventure classics as Robinson Crusoe with Pierce Brosnan and Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea with Michael Caine.

Rod also directed the successful Turner Network Television adventure-drama Two For Texas, starring Kris Kristofferson, Tom Skerrit and Scott Bairstow garnering the prestigious Cowboy Hall of Fame Western Heritage Award. He teamed up for a second time with Tom Skerritt , this time on the critically acclaimed cable movie re make of HIGH NOON for the Superstation TBS.

After completing X-Files series 8, and directing JAG series 7 for Belisarius Productions / CBS, Hardy has gone on to direct episodes of Robbery Homicide Division for Producer Michael Mann, The Practice for David E Kelley Productions, Touching Evil for producers Bruce Willis/ Arnold Rifkin and Battlestar Gallactica for the Sci-Fi channel. Also included in his repertoire, The Mentalist starring Simon Baker, DollHouse for producer Joss Whedon and FOX, Covert Affairs with Piper Perabault, Burn Notice with Jeffrey Donovan, and Make It Or Break It for The Family Channel. Mental for FOX, shot in Bogota, Colombia, and Persons Unknown NBC, shot in Mexico City.

His theatrical feature DECEMBER BOYS was winner of the Giffoni Film Festival Award 2008. Released by Roadshow/Warner Bros, it starred Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame and Teresa Palmer.
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Winner of Giffoni Film Festival Best Film Award 2008
Winner of the George Foster Peabody Award 2006
Winner of Asian Film Festival Award 1980
Best Feature in its category – Science Fiction and Horror
Winner of the Scott Newman Award 1993 (founded by Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward in memory of their son)
11 Emmy, 1 SAG, 2 Golden Globe Nominations 1996
The Cowboy Hall of Fame Western Heritage Award 1998

Rod Hardy is an exceptional filmmaker, a passionate advocate of our shared medium and a dear friend … a perfect storm of creative instinct, collaborative spirit, and personal warmth… I would wholeheartely recommend Mr. Hardy for any project worthy of his talent with a single caveat: If it conflicts with my having him, you’re out of luck.

- Michael Angeli, Co-executive producer of Black Sails for Starz Network

I’ve worked with Rod for close to twenty years and he has always delivered: on time, on budget and with great quality. I would look forward to working with him any time.

- Bob Lemchen, Senior VP at Fox TV Studios

Rod is an extremely talented director and a wonderful creative partner.

- Dean Devlin, CEO at Electric Entertainment

I have had the pleasure of working with Rod over the past 10 years. I have found him to be a conscientious and hard-working director, who cares a great deal about actors. He is an excellent teller of stories, both with and behind the camera.

- John Kretchmer, Director at The Walt Disney Company

Rod is an outstanding director. He is fantastic with actors and has a unique visual style. His experience in managing the set on a brand new show was invaluable. I would recommend Rod without hesitation.

- Chris Downey, Independent Entertainment Professional

I’ve enjoyed working with Rod a number of times. I’ve sent him to Canada, to Bogota, to Dallas. He always comes through and pushes to make every episode creatively strong and a good experience for the actors. Can’t give him a better recommendation than…I keep hiring him! ML

- Matt Loze, Sr. VP Programming at Fox Television Studios

Rod is not only a brilliant director, but an exceptional teacher. During directing workshops and seminars, he inspired students while teaching them sophisticated techniques. He is one of the rare artists who can share their knowledge and experience generously and eloquently.

- Richard Allen, Professor at Texas Christian University

Rod is a creative, thoughtful and conscientious director. He makes his days in the time allotted and delivers a smart, stylish episode of television. A great pleasure to work with.

- Iain Paterson, President at Lexicon Productions Inc

Rod is a true gentleman. He’s in possession of exceptional communication skills, a fine eye for detail and plays nice with others. Among his core strengths is an indelible ability to display calm under pressure and lead like a true general.

- Darryl Shelly, Partner, Greenlight Creative Inc

Rod directed a couple of episodes I wrote for Battlestar Galactica. A wonderful director, incredibly talented, specific about what he wants, yet very easy going at the same time. A pleasure to work with. We did good work together.

- Michael Taylor, Co-Executive Producer on Turn

I’ve known Rod for well over a decade and we’ve collaborated on several projects, including the feature film DECEMBER BOYS and the upcoming IT’S ALL GREEK TO ME! Rod is a pleasure to work with, has a terrific attitude and brings creativity and passion to everything he does.

- Jay Sanders, Motion Picture Producer

I was the producer on the TNT movie “Two for Texas” that Rod Hardy directed. Rod was fantastic. Creative, professional, a fabulous collaborator and partner, a problem solver and a delight to work with. He is fantastic with actors and is a great motivator of people. Everyone wants to do their very best when working with Rod. By far Rod is one of the most talented directors I have had the pleasure to work with in my 35 year film career. You simply cannot do better than Rod.

- Dennis Bishop, Program Chair of the Associate of Applied Arts Degree in Motion Picture Production at KD College

You want a talented director who is a delight to work with? Then you better be calling Rod Hardy.

- Mitch Engel, “Producer”

Rod has an analytical ability to take a creative work and break down into another media. I would not hesitate to recommend Rod for any creative project.

- Peter Watt, Author at Burkesland Pty Ltd

I was lucky enough to draw Rod Hardy to direct the first episode we wrote for the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica — Season 1’s, “Act of Contrition.” It was a defining moment for the show and Mr. Hardy did an absolutely smashing job realizing it for the screen. It was a technically complex episode involving stories in multiple times and different points of view, and he handled these scene so well that the viewer was never confused. Even while delivering this obligation, he never lost sight of the emotional spine of the story and the character performances are top notch. His work was so well received that we brought him back to the series for another five episodes.

- Bradley Thompson, Co-Executive Producer/Writer at The Strain