An epic saga of two feuding families as they battle to control the violent Australian frontier amidst the mystical, supernatural world of the Aborigines – as if Deadwood was unfolding in the world of Game of Thrones.


As the Civil War rages in America, a powerful Scottish-Australian businessman named Donald Macintosh seizes a vast tract of territory in the rugged Queensland territory and triggers a curse by ordering the massacre of the Nerambura aborigines who have lived there since the dawn of time. When an Irish bullock driver named Patrick Duffy tries to save them, he’s murdered by sadistic Police Lieutenant Morrison Mort – but Duffy’s son Tom escapes into the outback with the surviving Aborigines, led by a mystic named Wallerie and becomes an outlaw.

A thousand miles down the coast, in Sydney, Tom’s artist brother Michael not knowing any of this, begins an affair with a young society girl, Fiona – who turns out to be Donald Macintosh’s daughter. But by the time the family has discovered who Michael is and tried to have him killed, Fiona is pregnant with his child – whose fate becomes part of a long saga of murder, greed and hate which sets the Macintosh and Duffy families at violent odds well into the modern era, in a struggle that spreads from in Australia to the Pacific Islands, England, Sudan and South Africa – and culminate in the moment when Patrick’s daughter Kate has the power to force the Macintosh clan to give the land back to the Aborigines.

Eerie Aboriginal magic is woven through the saga, as Wallerie uses his knowledge of the land and the collective memory of his people’s forty thousand years in Australia (The Dreamtime) to influence characters and events.